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Since 1984 we have been thriving and constantly innovating on recycling technologies. We have expanded our expertise on waste processes from tyres, plastics, used domestic and industrial oils, hospital and council waste and more


Targeting zero waste through recycling

SYNRG recycles all waste materials into other usable products such as marine oil, carbon black and steel. These products are extracted from used tyres, plastics and other domestic and industrial waste.

energy efficient

Benefits for Australia and beyond

The benefits of recycling various waste materials will simply mean cleaner environment not just for Australia but also for other regions across the globe where we are already operating.

energy efficient

Carbon Credits for Your Industry

Using synrg tech you can reduce carbon footprint and potentially gain carbon credits for your industry.

Our Services

It's all about sustainability. We transform all types of waste into various products, such as carbon black, lubricants, bitumen, sealants and other recycled oils, without incineration ensuring cleaner emissions.

  • All
  • Tyres
  • Used Oil
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals and Toxic waste


More information will be updated soon.

Used oil

More information will be updated soon.

Chemicals and Toxic waste

More information will be updated soon.

Our Team

In Synrg Group, our team is your team. Meet the innovative, driven and creative individuals who power Synrg Group


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